7 Little Ways to Make Your Kitchen Neater and Cleaner in Just 60 Seconds or Less

7 Little Ways to Make Your Kitchen Neater and Cleaner in Just 60 Seconds or Less

15 maja 2019 0 przez admin

When it comes to keeping my kitchen nice and clean, I’m a believer in the tidy-as-you-go method. I wipe up spills as they happen, wash dishes after I use them, put bottles back in the pantry when I’m done pouring from them. This approach means my kitchen never really gets so messy that I walk in, and walk right back out in a what-have-I-done panic. Of course, that’s not enough on its own. Sometimes, I still need to give the kitchen a deep clean (wiping down fridge shelves, cleaning behind the fridge, etc!). And sometimes, just 60 seconds of work is enough.

Here are seven little ways you can make your kitchen cleaner in 60 seconds or less — no matter if you usually clean as you go or it’s been, uh, a while since you’ve really scrubbed anything.

If you recently used your stand mixer it might have flour on it. Maybe your stovetop has a few grease splatters that need tending to. Or maybe your stainless steel fridge is starting to look like an abstract fingerprint painting? Choose just one thing, wipe it down with a damp microfiber cloth, and you’re one step closer to a pristine kitchen.

2. Put away small appliances that don’t belong on the counter.

Just a few minutes ago, I put my blender (probably my most used small appliance) in the cabinet where it belongs. It took all of 5 seconds, if that. Even if you have 12 appliances to put away, you can get it done in a minute — go!

3. Put anything that isn’t kitchen-related in a bin — and deal with it later.

It’s a fact that non-kitchen things will creep into your kitchen. This happens to everyone. And here is what you can do about it in just a minute: Throw it all in a bin or basket, take that basket out of the kitchen, and deal with it later, preferably while watching something on Netflix.

4. Get your dish towels sorted.

Do you have eight dish towels sitting in your kitchen (seven of which are dirty?)? Throw the dirty ones in the laundry and hang or fold the ones that are still clean.

5. Clean your garbage disposal.

A full and thorough cleaning of your sink’s garbage disposal will take more than a minute, but you can do a quick and easy version by just simply stopping the sink drain, filling the sink with warm water and a bit of dish soap, then unstopping the drain and running the disposal.

6. Take out the trash and recycling.

Okay, there’s not too much to add here, except that you get bonus points if you put new liners in. All told, even with the extra-credit assignment, you’re looking at no more than a minute here.

7. Load five things into the dishwasher.

It’s possible you could load your dishwasher and turn it on in a minute, but realistically, it’ll probably take closer to two to three minutes. But here’s what you can definitely do: You can put a few things, say five (or maybe even 10!) in the dishwasher. Yes, yes you can.

What are the little cleaning chores you like to tackle when you have a free minute?