9 Smart Methods for Budget Meal Planning

9 Smart Methods for Budget Meal Planning

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#5 – Make Multiple Meals in One Batch

When you meal plan, you can plan to have leftovers. By simply doubling a recipe (or using customizable serving quantities with our service!), you can cook once and eat multiple times. Whether you are all about those lunch leftovers or prefer to freeze leftovers so you can spread out how often you eat the same meal, making bigger batches of food will save you money every time. Learn more about the brilliance of freezer meals here.

#6 – Get Your Bulk Shopping On

Having favorite meals provides a great opportunity for savings. You see, when you know what you and your family likes to eat, it makes buying bulk food items the most practical option because you won’t have any problem using up the large quantities. If the kids are excited about Taco Tuesdays or your roommates love scheduling pasta and wine dinners, you can buy the key ingredients in bulk, without the fear of anything going bad.

Bulk shopping can also be useful for batch cooking specific ingredients that you can freeze and then use across several different meals. For example, buy a bunch of rice, oats, or quinoa when it’s on sale, cook it up, freeze it, and then use it for meals over the next 4-6 months. Another great example is if you see pork shoulder on sale. From it, you can make a big batch of pulled pork, which can be used to quickly *pull* together so many dishes like sandwiches, quesadillas, tacos, fried rice, soups, etc.

To learn more about freezing foods and their specific freezer shelf-life, check out our article and infographic here.

#7 – Plan for Stir-Fries

If you learn how to make stir-fry, you can easily use up any odds and ends at the end of the week. Since stir-frying is perfect for combining any random assortments of proteins and veggies, you can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes while making sure your leftover ingredients don’t go to waste. If you want to be able to put that last bit of tofu or broccoli to use, learn the basics in this 2-minute video: