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Recipe: Easy Vegan Sweet Potato Curry

With the transition from winter to spring comes the desire for lighter meals. Yet for most of us, it’s still doesn’t feel like spring outside. So while our brain is sending signals for spring-like food, our bodies are still craving meals that warm us up.

This curry is the perfect compromise. Sweet potato and chickpeas, both of which are hearty but won’t weigh you down, are swimming in a creamy coconut milk broth that’s rich with Thai red chili paste and spicy ginger.

A Warming Thai Curry for All

As long as you reach for a Thai red curry paste that doesn’t contain fish sauce (we like the Thai Kitchen brand, which is easy to find at grocery stores), this meal is vegan. It’s also naturally gluten-free. Yet, even if you eat meat, dairy, and gluten, this dish will satisfy. It’s wholesome, just spicy enough, and begs to be served over steamed rice to soak up all the creamy sauce. Oh, and if you needed one more reason to make this curry ASAP, the whole thing comes together in under 30 minutes.


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