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This $20 Salad Bowl from Target Saved My Messy Living Room

The bowl isn’t so big that it’s intrusive on my space, but it is plenty big enough to hold everything I use during various weeknights: A pack of Neutrogena makeup remover towels (the hydrating ones that smell like cucumber), a handful of Muji unbleached cotton pads, a full bottle of Son & Park Beauty Water, a 2-ounce tub of cbdMD lotion, a roller ball vial of peppermint oil blend (so great when I’m feeling stuffy), a tube of Glossier balm dotcom, another tube of Lucas’ Papaw Ointment (I like having balm options and this stuff is amazing!), a bottle of Leo Oil (also amazing, and smells like Earl Grey tea), and a Glossier zit stick for breakouts.


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