This Dramatic Small Kitchen Renovation Only Took 6 Weeks — And It’s Unrecognizable

This Dramatic Small Kitchen Renovation Only Took 6 Weeks — And It’s Unrecognizable

13 sierpnia 2019 0 przez admin

A less-than-two-month-long home renovation sounds like a pipe dream to most people, but Galya and her husband managed to make that a reality when they completely flipped their 900-square foot apartment in Hoboken, NJ.

According to Galya, the sight of the original kitchen made her want to head for the hills. “During the first showing of this condo and seeing the kitchen, I personally wanted to RUN away. There was no vision, no real excitement, or any sort of hope since the space was very poorly taken care of. But as we slowly realized that we were not getting everything on our wish list, we decided to take a chance and buy this apartment — and set an over-ambitious goal to complete all cosmetic upgrades in just six weeks.”

Do you want to see the what happened to the kitchen in that short span of time?

Okay, you can pick your jaw up off the floor now!

The number one “must-have” that Galya wanted in her brand-spanking-new kitchen? White tall kitchen cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. “I wanted to make sure I utilize every square inch of this space in the kitchen since I love cooking and baking as the time permits,” she told Kitchn.

“One of the hardest parts was making decisions and trusting your gut that you will love the decisions you make, but seeing it come together so beautifully within our deadline was one of my biggest accomplishments,” Galya says.

Let this be a source of hope for anyone out there embarking on an ambitious renovation project! It can be done!

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