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Transform a Bag of Frozen Shrimp into Sizzling Fajitas in Just 15 Minutes

These warm and smoky shrimp fajitas are, without a doubt, the easiest shrimp fajitas you’ll ever make. (And they’re downright delicious to boot). You just need five simple ingredients from the freezer and pantry, which you’ll roast on a sheet pan and then stuff into soft tortillas. Spoon on your favorite fajita toppings, and dinner is done.

The Easiest Fajitas Start in the Freezer Section

Count these one-pan fajitas as just one more delicious reason to keep a bag of frozen shrimp stocked in your freezer. You’ll pair them with a bag of pepper and onion stir-fry mix because yes, those mixed frozen veggies are good for a whole lot more than stir-frying, and it cuts down dinner prep to almost nothing.

The recipe calls for tossing everything with a couple of spoonfuls of taco seasoning, but if you don’t have a packet handy, you can also use a mix of chili powder and ground cumin to get the same warm, smoky aroma.


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